A game where you play a race with your family member.

As a responsible parent, you want to make your offsprings win, without showing them that you came last on purpose.

Try to play as many times in a row, each time being slower than the previous!

About : this was released for the wowie game jam 3. Forgive the art, and the small bugs, to try the gmeplay mechanic!


I used Jonas Tyroller's music, sfxr to make sound, as well as a few sound from free sound effect and opengameart under CCO license. The soccer ball sprite is also from opengameart, under CCO license.


last-but-not-least.x86_64 51 MB
last-but-not-least.exe (untested) 49 MB
last-but-not-least_macos.zip (untested) 28 MB

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